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Since my first contact with Kinbaku, with the body inside the kinbaku, I have the intuition that the ropes on a body that are more erotic expression. In these text, they is no secret, magic or special knowledge about Japanese bondage. There’s just the look of a student on his subject. Nourished by Asian culture, martial, massage and body management, but also more or less philosophical literature, you will find a small share my thoughts and questions.


  • Japanese’s culture study

“Fundamentally, Ma is the interval which necessarily exists between two things which succeed each other: whence the idea of a pause.” (in Augustin Berque, 1982).
the passage from one element to another, from one place to another, from one state to another, in a natural and harmonious fashion.
“A place situated profoundly in the interior of things, far from their external aspect”
Omote is the part that is visible, Ura the part that is hidden.
Far from talking about opposition, we are going to talk about complementarity.
One must produce each note as if, alone, it was the whole concert