Performance / Creation ephemeral

Lausanne 2014

Modèle sarura

Intimist invite

“Kinbaku / shibari gives you experiences you can’t have in any other way” (Osada Steve)

Through a complex rope game, an harmonious and martial dance, Yoroï Nicolas plays with his partner’s emotional and physical balance. Abusing paradoxes, he opens a way up to his model’s heart and emotions, trying to confuse her and help her to push her limits, revealing and enhancing what she hides deep inside.

The performance that is given est a trip inside an intimate place, one’s rarely publicly exposed bubble, a sacred place : those where confidence is shared. Body, search and emotions are the center of the fleeting creation he shares with you.

Each performance is unique : it depends on the environment, the partner, the audience and the inspirations. Wishing to surprise and sometimes to shock (but never meaningless) is part of the process, but only to cause the audience his own questionning. This is an intense body language speaking to our deep, primal side…

Tumultes 2014/2015

Tokyo Underground, Gva 26.09.14

Galenterie 2013

Bound UK 2012

Technical rider
Performance with two people
Lenght of time: 25 minutes to one hour
Audience : mainstream audience (model clothed) or informed audience (possible nudity and more intense show, emotions, etc)
Suspension point : 2,50m high minimum from the floor for a suspension show
Load to be supported : 500 kgs
Music : prepared playlist or live music played by a DJ or a musician introduced and provided by the organiser
Lights : Bringing skin out – fixed light
Equipe : A rigger and a model (model can be provided by the organizer)
To be provided by the organiser : sound system, lights, suspension point

3 + 15 =